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TextMate Tip – ⌃⌘T

So my awesome girlfriend Johanna said I should do a “TextMate Tip of the Day” post series. I thought it was a good idea but sounded like too much work, so I dropped the bit that implied I had to do it daily and here we are. And for my first trick:

This window is your…window into the overwhelming number of things that TextMate can do. You bring it up by either pressing ⌃⌘T or using Bundles → Select Bundle Item…

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Customising Colours in Leopard Terminal

I upgraded to Leopard a couple of days ago, and was reminded how hard it is to read the default blue colour in Terminal on a black background. Mike Solomon’s TerminalColors was written for Tiger’s Terminal and so doesn’t work with Leopard, so here is my SIMBL hack for Leopard’s Terminal – it allows customisation of ANSI colours on a per-profile basis

  1. Make sure you have SIMBL installed – follow Allan’s instructions for Input Manager support on Leopard

  2. Download

  3. Extract to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

  4. Restart Terminal and click the More… button in the Text tab of Settings

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