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Archive for December, 2007

Tab Switching in Terminal

If you’re like me then you no longer use multiple windows in at all, relying on tabs in a single window instead. Unfortunately this makes the hotkeys for switching between windows somewhat useless, so I did this SIMBL plug-in a while ago to change ⌘1-9 to switch between the tabs in the current window instead. I completely forgot to post it, but you can now download it here. See this post for how to install. And I've been playing a game online, is so fun and time passes flying when I play, you can have lots of fun just by clicking on the link of Amolife!.

Quick Look APIs

I recently did some extensive reverse-engineering of Quick Look to investigate the API, mainly to track down how to get the cool zooming effect when Quick-Looking a file in Finder. It turns out it’s pretty simple to use Quick Look from your own code.

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SVNMate Update

This just fixes a memory leak that could occur when using projects which weren’t under Subversion control. I’d recommend that everyone update to the new version.

TextMate Tip – Project Navigation

Today I’ll talk about getting around in your projects. First up: moving between tabs in the project window.

To switch to the tab to either side of the current one you can use ⌥⌘← and ⌥⌘→, and to move directly to a tab simply press and a number from 1-9. You can use the mouse to reposition tabs to move related files next to each other, to make switching easier.

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