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Minor ProjectPlus Update

Just a bug-fix. More to come as I get time.

Get it here, or wait for Sparkle to update it for you.

ProjectPlus Update

Release notes:

  • Sidebar

    • TextMate does not load plug-ins until after the application is finished launching, which was causing problems when launching by double-clicking a project file (the project would open without a drawer or pane). This is now handled gracefully, but projects opened in this way will always have the drawer as they are opened before ProjectPlus is loaded.
  • SCM Badges

    • Added support for Mercurial, Svk and Bazaar (these should be considered experimental – I don’t use them so please report issues)
    • Hopefully more to come, based on demand and how easy they are to implement
    • Since there are now quite a few, and some of them are expensive to have enabled (as all except SVN use shell execution), all of the SCM modules are disabled by default and you must selectively enable the ones you want
    • Fixed a memory leak that could occur when using SVN badging
    • Misc. performance improvements and bugfixes
  • General:

    • Added Sparkle for automatic updates to future versions
    • Added an icon (thanks to Oliver Busch)
    • Other miscellaneous tweaks and improvements


Please report any issues you find at the new bug tracker.

TextMate Plug-in: ProjectPlus

I put this plug-in together some time ago and never released it; I just recently returned to it to while doing the SVN 1.5 update, added some more features and fixed some bugs, and I’m going to put this up as a beta release now. Mostly it’s a compilation of some of my other plug-ins, plus some miscellaneous new features.

Feature list:

  • SCM status badges:

    • Support for SVN and Git
    • Displayed in the project file list and the window proxy icon
  • Swapping the project drawer for a panel

    • Support for ⌃⌥⌘D and ⌃⌘R is kept
    • The sidebar can be placed on either side of the window
    • Since I created this someone has updated the MissingDrawer plug-in with these features, if you wish to use this plug-in instead then you can disable the feature
  • Finder colour labels

    • Labelled files are displayed in the project drawer
    • Label can be set through the context menu
  • Project-tree state can be preserved when re-opening the project

  • QuickLook preview of files in the project file list through the context menu (or ⌥␣ when the file list is focused)
  • Sorting options through the project file list context menu
  • Display folders on top
  • Sort by file extension
  • “Open With” option

You should remove any conflicting plug-ins before installing, by deleting them from ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns.

Download ProjectPlus.

SVNMate Update for Subversion 1.5

Well, after a long night of hacking I’ve finally got this up and running. I’ve used the libraries in a different way to the previous version which will make the whole update process easier in future.

Get it here

TextMate Plug-in – Find and Replace History Keyboard Navigation

Someone recently asked for a plug-in to navigate the find/replace history with the keyboard. After installing it you can use ⌃↑/ to move to the next/previous value.

Terminal Plug-in Updates

10.5.2 was just released, apparently bringing with it some changes to Terminal (anyone know what they are?). This caused Terminal’s version number to change, and thus my plug-ins to fail, so I’ve updated the downloads to account for it. Note: if you already edited the plug-ins by hand to work in 10.5.2 you do not need to download them again, as that is the only change that has been made.


BlurminalOriginal Post

Terminal Tab SwitchingOriginal Post

TerminalColoursOriginal Post

Tab Switching in Terminal

If you’re like me then you no longer use multiple windows in at all, relying on tabs in a single window instead. Unfortunately this makes the hotkeys for switching between windows somewhat useless, so I did this SIMBL plug-in a while ago to change ⌘1-9 to switch between the tabs in the current window instead. I completely forgot to post it, but you can now download it here. See this post for how to install. And I've been playing a game online, is so fun and time passes flying when I play, you can have lots of fun just by clicking on the link of Amolife!.

SVNMate Update

This just fixes a memory leak that could occur when using projects which weren’t under Subversion control. I’d recommend that everyone update to the new version.

SVNMate Update

This update re-checks the SVN status of files when TextMate regains focus (to keep in-sync with commits etc. made on the command-line), and also replaces the ugly coloured triangles:


I’ve been on the lookout for some nice icons for a while, but I recently found out that the Windows TortoiseSVN project has generously put their icons under a separate license.

The download includes all the icons from the TortoiseSVN repository and one contributed by JiHO – he’s also included the SVG source file which you can modify with Inkscape.

If you wish to create your own icon set, take a look at the existing sets (found at ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/SVNMate.tmplugin/Contents/Resources/icons once the plug-in is installed). Any common image format should be loaded if the files have the proper name and extension.

Download SVNMate

TextMate Project Trees

When I was working on the new Dialog system for TextMate I was having to restart TM a lot (to reload the plug-in after compiling) and it was becoming a pain to re-expand the project structure every time (side note: ⌃⌘R is handy for this since you’ll likely have a relevant file open already) so I wrote this plug-in to store the project tree state in the project file (and restore it when the project is opened).

Just download the plug-in and install it and projects will automatically start using it.

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