Well I finally got around to doing some fixes to my input manager for glyphs today and I thought this would be a good enough reason to finally start a blog, so here it is.

This input manager makes it easy to quickly insert glyphs for any keystroke.


  • You can get the input manager here.
  • Extract the zip and move the GlyphInputInputManager folder to ~/Library/InputManagers
  • Move the DefaultKeyBinding.dict inside the folder to ~/Library/KeyBindings (Note: if you already have a DefaultKeyBinding.dict then you will need to merge the contents of the two instead).
  • You will need to restart any apps before they will load the input manager
  • Once installed simply press the activation key (§ by default) and then press the keystroke you want to enter into the current textview

This update improves glyph selection and disables global hotkeys (such as QuickSilver and ⌘⇥).

Note: be sure to follow these instructions if you are on Leopard.