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TextMate Tip – Project Navigation

Today I’ll talk about getting around in your projects. First up: moving between tabs in the project window.

To switch to the tab to either side of the current one you can use ⌥⌘← and ⌥⌘→, and to move directly to a tab simply press and a number from 1-9. You can use the mouse to reposition tabs to move related files next to each other, to make switching easier.

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SVNMate Update

This update re-checks the SVN status of files when TextMate regains focus (to keep in-sync with commits etc. made on the command-line), and also replaces the ugly coloured triangles:


I’ve been on the lookout for some nice icons for a while, but I recently found out that the Windows TortoiseSVN project has generously put their icons under a separate license.

The download includes all the icons from the TortoiseSVN repository and one contributed by JiHO – he’s also included the SVG source file which you can modify with Inkscape.

If you wish to create your own icon set, take a look at the existing sets (found at ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/SVNMate.tmplugin/Contents/Resources/icons once the plug-in is installed). Any common image format should be loaded if the files have the proper name and extension.

Download SVNMate

TextMate Tip – Where Am I?

Apparently this question is quite common – since TextMate does not show the full path of the currently edited file, people are not entirely clear on the file’s location. So I was asked to do this tip, which will cover 4 different methods of discovering the path to your current file, and hopefully teach some new tricks too.

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TextMate Project Trees

When I was working on the new Dialog system for TextMate I was having to restart TM a lot (to reload the plug-in after compiling) and it was becoming a pain to re-expand the project structure every time (side note: ⌃⌘R is handy for this since you’ll likely have a relevant file open already) so I wrote this plug-in to store the project tree state in the project file (and restore it when the project is opened).

Just download the plug-in and install it and projects will automatically start using it.

TMLabels Update

Allan was kind enough to share the code he’ll be using to draw the Finder labels for the file list in TextMate 2, so I’ve been able to update the TMLabels plug-in to closer match the appearance of labels in the Finder.


Get it here.

QuickLook and TextMate

QuickLook in TextMate

This is a TextMate plug-in which allows you to QuickLook items in your project, either by selecting the item(s) you want to preview and using QuickLook from the context menu, or pressing ⌥␣ when the project drawer has focus.

Download QuickLook in TextMate here.

TextMate in QuickLook

This is a TextMate plug-in and a QuickLook generator which renders QuickLook previews (for certain filetypes) using the TextMate syntax highlighter. Currently it’s configured to highlight Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, C headers and Obj-C(++). Note: this effectively sets up TextMate as a server for the syntax highlighting, so it won’t work unless TM is running (QuickLook will just fall back to the standard preview if it’s not).

Download TextMate in QuickLook here.

The QuickLook generator will be automatically installed by the plug-in the first time it loads. Hopefully QuickLook will notice and start using it right away, but if it doesn’t you can try running qlmanage -m

Needless to say, both these plug-ins are Leopard only.

TextMate Tip – Find and Replace

Today I’ll give a tour of TextMate’s features related to finding (and replacing) text.

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ReMate Update

ReMate is a TextMate plugin which can be used to disable the automatic project tree refresh when the application regains focus (for using SSH-FS etc.).

This version works differently:

  • There is now a Configure ReMate option found on the Window menu – this lists volume names with a checkbox next to each for enabling/disabling automatic refreshing for projects in that volume. A volume will be added to the list the first time a project is created from files on it (i.e. /Volumes/Volume Name); automatic refreshing is disabled for new volumes by default.

  • You can refresh an individual project manually by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the project drawer and selecting “Refresh Project Files”

  • This version is a Universal build

Download here, extract it and double-click to install.

Thanks to Tobias Muellerleile for testing.

TextMate Tip – Moving and Selecting

I’m going to cover a few general tips for text editing – I’ll split them into parts since there will be quite a few to cover, so this one will focus on moving around and selecting stuff.

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TextMate Tip – ⌃⌘T

So my awesome girlfriend Johanna said I should do a “TextMate Tip of the Day” post series. I thought it was a good idea but sounded like too much work, so I dropped the bit that implied I had to do it daily and here we are. And for my first trick:

This window is your…window into the overwhelming number of things that TextMate can do. You bring it up by either pressing ⌃⌘T or using Bundles → Select Bundle Item…

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