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QuickLook and TextMate

QuickLook in TextMate

This is a TextMate plug-in which allows you to QuickLook items in your project, either by selecting the item(s) you want to preview and using QuickLook from the context menu, or pressing ⌥␣ when the project drawer has focus.

Download QuickLook in TextMate here.

TextMate in QuickLook

This is a TextMate plug-in and a QuickLook generator which renders QuickLook previews (for certain filetypes) using the TextMate syntax highlighter. Currently it’s configured to highlight Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, C headers and Obj-C(++). Note: this effectively sets up TextMate as a server for the syntax highlighting, so it won’t work unless TM is running (QuickLook will just fall back to the standard preview if it’s not).

Download TextMate in QuickLook here.

The QuickLook generator will be automatically installed by the plug-in the first time it loads. Hopefully QuickLook will notice and start using it right away, but if it doesn’t you can try running qlmanage -m

Needless to say, both these plug-ins are Leopard only.

TextMate Tip – Find and Replace

Today I’ll give a tour of TextMate’s features related to finding (and replacing) text.

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Glyph Input Manager Update

I was really missing the input manager while typing out the keystrokes in the tip posts, so I’ve fixed it to work in TextMate too – get the updated version.

See the original post for installation instructions.

ReMate Update

ReMate is a TextMate plugin which can be used to disable the automatic project tree refresh when the application regains focus (for using SSH-FS etc.).

This version works differently:

  • There is now a Configure ReMate option found on the Window menu – this lists volume names with a checkbox next to each for enabling/disabling automatic refreshing for projects in that volume. A volume will be added to the list the first time a project is created from files on it (i.e. /Volumes/Volume Name); automatic refreshing is disabled for new volumes by default.

  • You can refresh an individual project manually by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the project drawer and selecting “Refresh Project Files”

  • This version is a Universal build

Download here, extract it and double-click to install.

Thanks to Tobias Muellerleile for testing.

TextMate Tip – Moving and Selecting

I’m going to cover a few general tips for text editing – I’ll split them into parts since there will be quite a few to cover, so this one will focus on moving around and selecting stuff.

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TextMate Tip – ⌃⌘T

So my awesome girlfriend Johanna said I should do a “TextMate Tip of the Day” post series. I thought it was a good idea but sounded like too much work, so I dropped the bit that implied I had to do it daily and here we are. And for my first trick:

This window is your…window into the overwhelming number of things that TextMate can do. You bring it up by either pressing ⌃⌘T or using Bundles → Select Bundle Item…

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Customising Colours in Leopard Terminal

I upgraded to Leopard a couple of days ago, and was reminded how hard it is to read the default blue colour in Terminal on a black background. Mike Solomon’s TerminalColors was written for Tiger’s Terminal and so doesn’t work with Leopard, so here is my SIMBL hack for Leopard’s Terminal – it allows customisation of ANSI colours on a per-profile basis

  1. Make sure you have SIMBL installed – follow Allan’s instructions for Input Manager support on Leopard

  2. Download

  3. Extract to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

  4. Restart Terminal and click the More… button in the Text tab of Settings

ToolTips in the TextMate Project Drawer

Here is a really tiny plugin which just makes the project drawer display tooltips for long items:

The tooltip only displays if the item is truncated, so they don’t get in the way unnecessarily


Update: In Leopard, truncated items in lists are automatically given a nice tooltip with the full content – if you’ve upgraded and want to remove this plug-in so you don’t get 2 tooltips then you can just delete ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/TooolTips.tmplugin and restart TextMate

Bundle Editor Search Plug-in

This is one for bundle developers – it allows you to use the ⌃⌘T “Select Bundle Item…” mechanism inside of the bundle editor.

Selecting an item will expand the item view and select the corresponding item, and focus the relevant editor field. It also extends the search to show languages too.


Finder Labels in the TextMate Project View

Someone on the TextMate mailing list asked if there was a way to have the project outline show Finder colour labels, so here’s a plug-in to do just that.

Get it here


  • Now uses a 70% opactity for the colours to make the labels less overbearing, and draws with a gradient
  • Fixed a crash bug
  • Added label setting


You can now set the opacity level for the label colours manually, using this command:

defaults write com.macromates.textmate "TMLabels Opacity" 0.2

where 0.2 is the opacity you want (0 - 1: 0 is fully transparent, 1 is solid).

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